The Sportshouse has two air-conditioned bowling lanes. The special fluorescent decoration gives them a wonderful lighting effect.
Because bowling makes you thirsty you will find a seperate bar available with Guinness and Radeberger on tap, cocktails, various refreshing soft drinks in the bowling area itself.

Bowling is not- as many people think- an American invention it was first played by the Ancient Egyptians and later it was mentioned in various iarticles written during the middle-ages in Western Europe. Being described as a game that requires both dexterity and skill.

Immigrants from Germany and Holland were forbidden to play bowls in the state of New England. It was in the New World that the game bowls was first played in a crouched position on lanes made of wooden lathes using a small ball, prior to the introduction of the present day larger ball.
In the 1880's 'bowlers' as a game was outlawed by the authorities.The bowlers were able overcome this set back with great cunning. They created a new game using ten pins and gave the sport a new name 'BOWLING'. This was the birth of a sport that quickly spread so that today the sport is played everywhere.

Over 80 million people take part in the sport today as a spare time occupation and hobby. Under the guidance of the sports governing body the FIQ (Federation of international Bowling)

One the first founders of the game was Joe Thum (Johann Thum) a German immigrant who in 1876 was said to be the first person to use ten pins for the new game. In 1891 the American Bowling Congress was founded and the present day bowling lane using ten pins was inaugurated.

Bowling Cost

Monday - Sunday: 08 - 22 hrs € 12 per hour

Lane bookings tel: (0036) 510 330







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