The biggest part of the sun's energy is dissipated in the form of infra-red rays our sauna operates in a similar manner using infra-red rays for your health and general feeling of well-being
By using the very latest techniques in infra-red technology the positive benefits of this technology are optimized
Infra-red rays are well known to be beneficial in the treatment of many health problems, these include circulatio, kidney problems, gout, rheumatism, joint pains, lumbago, some allergies, back pain, cellulitis, problems with the nervous system, stress, the immune system and sports injuries and many other health problems. The benefits of infra-red treatment are also well known as an aid in the promotion of general health and the prevention of sickness.

The price of a sauna

The cost of using the sauna for half-hour ( for one -three persons)
Euros 4






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